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We found references to this photograph, online, giving us the information that it was taken in Shanghai, circa 1870. William Saunders. "Born in Britain in 1832, Saunders moved to China in the 1850s and opened a photography studio in Shanghai in 1862. One of the first photographers in the city, Saunders focused primarily on portraiture but also photographed street life, local customs, current events, scenic views, and even executions. His photographs, intended for tourists and Westerners, were often based on compositions of earlier gouaches made for export. He was one of the main commercial photographers in China in the nineteenth-century. A series of fifty prints—Portfolio of Sketches of Chinese Life and Character—was published in 1871. This portfolio, in addition to his photographic contributions to Illustrated London News and other publications, disseminated information about life in China to Westerners. Saunders died in 1892." (source: The International Center of Photography website)

SIZE. Photo: Approximately 8 3/8 x 10 5/8 inches. Original mount: Approximately 14 x 17 inches.
CONDITION. Photo: Large circular brown mark at lower right, at base of stool leg. Lots of small spot and specks. Light colored marks at upper left. A dark thin mark at top, right side. Scuffing. The border has a scratch at left side (the light lines), dark marks, and some discoloration. Mount: Light creases. Discoloration around edges. Wear at right side corners. Spots and specks. Thin and fragile, appears to have been split. Some surface layer missing from back, at the bottom.
APPEARANCE. Exceptionally rich tones. Very good lighting and contrast. Wonderful poses. Lots of great details. A stunning photograph.