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The Smoker Collection consists of 112 rare 19th century photographs depicting the practice of smoking in many different cultures. It includes photographs by acclaimed masters Kusakabe Kimbei and Roger Fenton, as well as many great ones that are not attributed. Formats include large albumen photographs, cartes de visite (CDVs) and tintypes. Any color you see is hand-tinting. This collection was assembled over two decades by Richard Segan, an avid collector who aggressively pursued these images. It would not be possible to duplicate this collection or to even approximate it.

The worth of The Smoker Collection is not necessarily in its resale value, but also in the opportunities it presents. It is a unique collection and through maximum exposure the individual images can reach iconic status. If the owner utilizes the following methods, the monetary value of The Smoker Collection is limitless:

Website: Establish an on-line museum. Charge for the downloading of images. Attract advertisers to your museum guaranteeing a monthly income.

Lease images: To books, magazines and documentaries. Standard fees are $250-$350 per image and more. We have extensive experience in these venues and can consult you.

Sell products: These images can be copyrighted and applied to clothing, calendars, postcards and stationary.

There are many non-profit opportunities as well, like physical museum exhibits and scholarly articles.
Finally, there is no experience like seeing these treasures in person.

Please contact: Greg French
Early Photography
P.O. Box 302283
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*The scanned images are approximations of the original artifacts. 
In many cases, the originals are richer than the scans.
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