$900 for #1,   $600 for #2,   $1250 for the pair. USD

These are historical sites in St. Augustine, Florida. They are 'crayon' portraits, or vintage enlargements, utilizing the sun's reflections projected onto a larger surface. The results were often 'soft' so charcoal and other materials were used to enhance the highlights.

#1. The first is of the City Gate of St. Augustine, and features an African American driver in a wagon pulled by a horse. This is a classic scene, yet this one is exemplary: the man's face is beautifully lit! It's an artistic triumph of sorts. THE SIGN - "ORANGE ST."

#2. The second features Charlotte Street. THE SIGNS - "GARDINER BROS. PRODUCE & POULTRY, FISH OYSTERS & CLAMS," a small posted sign with a crudely written "FRESH...," a broadside with lots of text including "WM. MOUREY" with a picture, "FURNISHED HOMES TO RENT, CURIOSITIES FOR SALE," and "RESTAURANT." THE PEOPLE - LEFT SIDE OF THE STREET: There is an African American man by the first sign, an African American boy with a pail and a cane before the second sign, and a bearded Caucasian man and his two Caucasian children further along. Now go back. Just to the right of the black youth, if you stop and look closely, there's a 'ghost' image of the bearded Caucasian man who must've been next to the black youth and hurried over to be with his children. Further on down, there is one blurry person in action, and it almost looks like a camera with a shroud, or possibly a table of some sort. RIGHT SIDE OF THE STREET: Blurry woman, and on the steps before her there's a tripod. Further down the street is a blurry man. There's another group towards the end of our vision, in front of a carousel.

SIZE. Each is approximately 19 1/4 x 15 5/8 inches.
CONDITION. #1. Wear and some discoloration around edges and at corners. Some soiling in sky. Small spots and specks. #2. Missing lower right corner. Wear at other corners and around edges. Soiling/mottling in sky. Dark marks on ground. Other small spots and specs. Some scuff marks apparent when tilted.
APPEARANCE. Each has very good, deep, and rich tones. Each has very good details. Large size of the photos is impressive! A gorgeous pair.